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How to invest and withdraw profit?

The Billions Partners team has tried to implement the most simple and useful website interface: all you need to do in order to make a profit is just to top up your balance. After replenishing the balance, your funds will be placed on your " Settlement Account” and bring you profit every day at 20:00 Moscow time.

The more funds on your balance, the higher the income, the minimum rate is 2%, the maximum rate is 2.5%, next to the amount of your balance is written the amount of income that will be credited to you in the next day.

We do not freeze your funds, you can independently dispose of them, withdraw part of the funds or the entire amount at any time, but there is an important rule: after replenishing your balance, exactly 5 days (120 hours) the withdrawal will be limited, after five days the withdrawal opens automatically - this rule is created so that we have time to conduct several trading transactions with your investments and get the first profit.