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Terms of Use

Terms of use
1. General provisions
1.1. This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer"/"Offer") is an official offer of Billions Partners LTD, hereinafter referred to as the "Administration", to provide Services to an unlimited number of capable individuals who have accepted (accepted) this offer, hereinafter referred to as the "User" or individually referred to as the "Party", and collectively as the "Parties", on the terms listed below.
1.2. In accordance with clause 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, this document is a public offer and if the terms of the Offeror set out below are accepted, the person who has accepted this offer becomes a User. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the acceptance of the offer is equivalent to the conclusion of a contract on the terms set out in the Offer. What is specified in this offer is unconditionally accepted by the Parties.
1.3. Provision of Services to the User without acceptance of this offer is not allowed.
1.4. The Administration and the User provide mutual guarantees of their rights and legal capacity necessary for the conclusion and execution of this agreement.
1.5. The Agreement is concluded in the form of a public offer, does not require bilateral signing and is valid in electronic form.
2. Definitions and terms
2.1. For the purposes of this Offer, the following terms are used in the following meaning:
"Public offer (offer)" – an offer to conclude a Contract on the terms defined in this offer with anyone who performs actions recognized as acceptance of the offer (acceptance of the offer to conclude a Contract).
"Acceptance of the Offer" – the creation of an account by the User on the Service's website.
"Contract" is an agreement that defines the totality of the legal relations of the Parties, in which the rights and obligations of the parties that arose as a result of the acceptance of the Offer arise.
"Service" is an Internet resource available at billions. partners, owned by the Administration, and through which Services are provided to Users. The service is a set of programs, including the websites listed above, the corresponding mobile application and browser extension.
"Services" – information and intermediary services provided by the Administration to the Parties, the subject of which is the provision of the possibility of posting Content on the Service and familiarization by the User with the Content owned by Billions Partners LTD, posted on the Administration's Service.
"User" is a capable individual who has accepted the Offer on the terms set out in it, who wants to use or is already using the Services of the Administration.
"Content" means information materials, including, but not limited to, graphic and/or audio, and/or text, and/or video and/or other data that Billions Partners LTD places using the Service.
"Personal Account" is a part of the Service available to authorized Users that provides the opportunity to: manage an account, post Content, select the volume of Services provided, view statistics for displaying Content, pay for Services rendered , receive remuneration (by transferring funds from the User Account to an electronic wallet).
"Balance" – an account available in the Personal Account, showing the amount of money paid in advance for the Services of the Administration.
Other terms and definitions may also be used in this Offer. In this case, the interpretation of such terms and definitions is made in accordance with the context in which they are used.
3. Subject of the offer
3.2. The User, at his own discretion and under his own responsibility, is given the opportunity to use the Service as a tool for possible receipt of remuneration.
3.4. The User gets access to viewing Content on the Service after registration/authorization.
3.5. Registration on the Service by the User and the creation of an account indicates that the latter unconditionally accept and follow all the points of this offer (Acceptance of the Offer).
4. The procedure for using the service
4.1. In order to use the Services within the functionality, the User:
4.1.1. Registers by creating an account, specifying: the desired login, a valid email address and password for the account.
4.1.2. Log in to the Service using the specified username and password.
4.1.5. Payment of funds from the User Account is carried out to electronic payment systems available to the User in the Personal Account, hereinafter referred to as "EPS" (electronic wallets), including, but not limited to: Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money , bank cards, cryptocurrencies. The user has the right to receive payment of remuneration in the manner specified above.
5. Obligations of the parties
5.1. The Administration undertakes to:
5.1.1. Properly provide the User with Services on the terms of this Offer.
5.1.2. Provide the User with the necessary support and feedback.
5.1.3. Provide the User with access to statistical information on the demonstration of Content in the Personal Account.
5.1.4. Not to disclose the information received from them to third parties without the User's consent, observing its confidentiality.
5.1.5. To observe the confidentiality of the User's personal data if the latter were provided to the Administration. Details about the procedure for collecting, using and disclosing the User's personal information are specified in the "Personal Data Processing Policy". The Administration is not responsible in case of unauthorized access by third parties to the User's account.
5.3. The User undertakes to:
5.3.1. Provide reliable information when registering on the Service.
5.3.2. Regularly get acquainted with the current content of this Offer posted on the Service.
5.3.3. Do not repeat, copy or use the elements of the Service for illegal purposes.
5.3.4. Be personally responsible for the safety and security of your account registered on the Service, using all available means to protect your personal data and your computer from malicious software.
5.3.5. Not to disseminate information that may harm the Administration. Such information includes information that discredits the reputation of the Administration, leading or may lead to losses and/or lost profits of the Administration. If the User allows the dissemination of this information, he is responsible to the Administration for the losses caused by the fact of dissemination of such information, including lost profits.
5.3.7. Do not create or use more than one account on the Service, except in cases agreed with the Service Administration.
5.3.8. Comply with other obligations specified in this Offer.
6. Rights of the parties
6.1. The Administration has the right to:
6.1.1. In case of violation of the terms of the Offer by the User, at its discretion, suspend or terminate the performance of its obligations under the Agreement.
6.1.4. Post any Content on your Service in compliance with the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.1.8. Change the terms of the Offer unilaterally, notifying the User by posting information in the Personal Account and/or on the website.
6.1.9. Change the content and functionality of the Service, at its sole discretion, including, but not limited to, the amount of User remuneration.
6.1.10. Suspend the operation of the Service at any time without prior notice in order to update the Service, carry out preventive maintenance, in case of technical failures, during the actions and / or inaction of third parties and/or for other reasons beyond the control of the Administration.
6.1.11. Delete the User's account without notification, if the latter has not used the Services of the Service for more than 60 calendar days.
6.2. The User has the right to:
6.2.1. Get access to the Service at any time, except for the time of preventive maintenance or failures caused by the actions of third parties, and not depending on the will of the Administration in accordance with clause 6.1.10.of the Offer above.
6.2.2. Request information from the Administration on issues related to the organization and ensuring the proper provision of Services, other information affecting its rights and legitimate interests.
6.2.3. Use the Service within its functionality and under the conditions established by this Offer.
6.2.4. At any time and at their own request, refuse to receive the Services of the Administration.
6.3. Each Party to this Offer, when fulfilling its obligations, must act in good faith, respect the rights and legitimate interests of the other Party, including after the termination of the Contract.
7. Dispute Resolution
7.1.All disputes, disagreements and claims that may arise in connection with the execution, modification, termination or termination of the Agreement/Offer, the Parties will strive to resolve through negotiations. The Party that has a disagreement sends a claim to the other Party.
7.2. The claim is sent by the User from the authorized email address (specified by the User when registering an account on the Service) to the Administration's email address
7.3. The party receiving the claim undertakes to send a written response to the relevant party within 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of its receipt.
7.4. If a written response to the relevant claim is not sent within 15 (fifteen) working days and/or the Parties do not come to an agreement on the claims and/or disagreements that have arisen, such a dispute is subject to consideration in the Arbitration Court of Moscow.
8. Liability of the parties
8.1. Users are solely responsible for their actions/inactions when using the Service.
8.2. The User understands and agrees that he must independently assess all risks associated with the use of the Content posted on the Service, including an assessment of its reliability and/or completeness and/or usefulness.
8.3. The Administration is responsible only for intentionally committed actions.